• The kapat of Shri Badrinath Temple will open on 10th May 2019 at 04:15 AM & Shri Kedarnath Temples will open on 9th May 2019 at 5:35 AM.

Chairman Message

Thank you in anticipation of the interest we hope to receive from your side.

Shri Kedarnathji, one of the twelve highly revered JYOTIRLINGAS, is situated at the high altitude and is the shrine where Pandavas after the victory in Mahabharata offered puja for purification of their souls for the sin of killings at that epic war.

Shri Badrinathji holds the greatest significance among the four DHAMs established by Adi Shankarachrya and is considered to be the only MOKSHA Dham. It is here that LORD VISHNU observed TAPASYA and infused the area with divine energy and instant blessings for all who visit here. The holiest of the rivers, the Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati emanate from this region. The Badarinath and the Kedarnath temples have other 45 temples of PAURANIC period.

In fact this holy Himalayan region has the sanctity of being called Dev Bhoomi. However the believers of Sanatan Dharma, the Hindus, and the modern-day tension laden human beings need to be reminded of the divine bliss and unexplored wonders which they would find here.

Despite the inherent divinity and serenity the holy temples, ghats and the dharmshalas here are in a dilapidated condition with inadequate pilgrim facilities. Hence Shri Badarinath - Shri Kedarnath Mandir Samiti, a Government body, has decided to request the SANATAN DHARMA followers in India and throughout the world to donate generously at these twin pilgrim centers. We invite you to join this divine movement launched by Shri Badarinath - Shri Kedarnath Temples Committee.

With the help and goodwill of the DEVOTEES we propose the following immediate steps to comfort the visiting pilgrims, and to implement the program for the upkeep and restoration of the temples:

i. That, keeping in mind the inclement and cold Himalayan weather, overhead sheds should be provided along the Parikrama and the open spaces for queuing and waiting.
ii. That, public utilities and benches for relaxation along the route to the main temple are to be built and arrangement for the clean upkeep of the Mandir Campus be provided.
iii. That, both at BADARIPURI & KEDAR DHAM Night-shelters (Rainbaseras) be built for very poor pilgrims, with Bhandara (free food) arrangements, free blankets etc.
iv. That, medical facilities and two ambulances at two shrines are urgently required, and also handy oxygen and first aid kits.
v. Total computerization of the MANDIR assets, collections and registration of various PUJAs and number of pilgrims visiting the main shrines.
vi. The Shri Badarinath - Shri Kedarnath Temples Committee is running five Sanskrit pathshalas, an Ayurvedic Pharmacy and Ayurvedic Diploma Course. These need to strengthen and streamline their activities on better holistic lines.
vii. As this is a very backward hilly area there is a need of starting some residential schools on GURUKUL system.
viii. The Shri Badarinath - Shri Kedarnath Temples Committee has 45 satellite temples and 20 Dharamshalas at various places in Uttarakhand, which need immediate attention for their renovation and upgradation.

At the end, while inviting you to visit Shri BADARI-KEDAR, I again wish to thank you and request you to contribute generously and make the Badari-Kedar YATRA happier/comfortable and doubly blessed for the pilgrims. Also recommend our common cause to some of your blessed and WORTHY FRIENDS who will ever remain an asset to the divine cause and to the SANATAN DHARMA.

Mohan Prasad Thapliyal, President

Shri Badrinath-Kedarnath Temples Committee

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